Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to the Mainland

Before leaving Deer Island, I toured around it a bit, and found Deer Island Point and campground, which looks across a narrow tidal channel into Eastport, Maine. The channel is the home of thethe infamous Old Sow tidal whirlpool that has claimed many vessels in her time.


Deer Island point is also the ferry terminal for the ferry to/from Eastport, therefore there is a Canada Customs station nearby.


At the other end of the island we boarded the ferry for the mainland of New Brunswick.


Near New River Beach Provincial Park were the Lepreau Falls.  In prohibition times, small boats were loaded with liquor in this river mouth, then transferred to fishing boats offshore, for eventual sale in the US.


It was time for some air photos, while Hailey got caught up on her rest.


Then it was on into St John, and the famous reversing falls.  At this point the river was running backwards, or, upstream.



It was getting near slack tide, so the jet tour boats were running.


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  1. On that second picture of Hailey with her peeking eye open "Groan..please dad trying to rest here"
    How do you tell the river is reverse? I would assume you have to be there. I couldn't really tell. It sure is pretty though!