Thursday, August 23, 2012


After righting this blog for six years now, I thunk it was a well time to take some righting lessons. 

This is from my first class …



On the way onto PEI.


As mentioned in the last post (?), the first time I have seen a fuel pump selling furnace fuel!


Saw another method of ‘fishing’ along the coast near Summerside.  Not sure what they were after, but several individuals were wading about waist-deep water, where they would occasionally reach down and pick something off the bottom, then place it in a floating tube or container they had with them.


Saw this bunch of people at a friends house, just staring up into the sky …?P8125480

This map shows the general orientation of roads on PEI is NE-SW instead the the usual NS-EW format.  Makes it confusing finding your way around some times!


And, they like to share place names a lot here.  This is not the best example, but there is a Freetown, South Freetown, and Lower Freetown on this section of the map!P8235895

This freighter was loading or unloading at Summerside when we went through, and we could see it from our lighthouse campsite across the bay, but when we got up in the morning, it was gone.P8155670

We stopped at this viewpoint to look at the Confederation bridge before paying the price to exit the island.



It was clear ‘sailing’ for part way across the 12km (8mi) long bridge, till we encountered some road construction work in progress.  This caused a halt and a wait of 5-10 minutes close to the highest point of the bridge, and a rare opportunity to stop (legally) on the bridge and take some photos.  So we did!


Hailey had a good look, but was content to stay in the truck.


Every post and light standard on the bridge was well armoured against sea bird sitting with hundreds of spikes on top.  It seemed to work, but we did see one gull sitting right on the edge of the bridge.image


This was only a ‘small’ hole in the bridge deck they were fixin’  Winking smile.  It wasn’t too bad, but the Smart cars kept falling through! (Just kidding, eh)


Need directions?  I figure that the ‘@’ symbol means internet access?  And the ‘key’ symbol is for museum.P8165697

Where are we off to next?  Here’s a clue!P8165696

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  1. Hey I, the great thing about PEI is if the east west roads confuse you just drive a few minutes till you run into the ocean and turn around! A few passes across the island and you should end up at the causeway! Cheers and hi to Hailey. Duane