Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cape Breton Island

We searched all around Bayfield for the Bayfield Bunch without success.


Perhaps we were a couple of provinces too far east?  Undaunted by this disappointment, we sought out the causeway leading onto Cape Breton Island.


We got a ‘green light’ at the CBI border checkpoint!P8225893

In Whycocomagh, our timing was off to meet up with a friend from about 20 years ago, but ended up tracking down addresses for a couple more up in Cheticamp area, so that’s where we headed.

After a bit of slow driving and sleuthing, a lakefront campsite presented itself on Lake Ainslie, and we could not resist.


The next day, it was back to the coast and up to Cheticamp, at the start of the famed Cabot Trail.

There are a number of small villages in the Cheticamp area, each with it’s own post office.

P8235896 P8235897 P8235898

Here’s the one at Grand Etang.  Quite the view while checking your mail here.


Across the bay there was a herd of cows that seemed to prefer life on the edge – or at least, on the point.  Perhaps there were less flies there?P8235902

I managed to invite myself to a party the next night, but in the meantime, a bit of driving around in likely area was required to find a suitable night location.  This spot filled the bill, and the price was right.


More Cape Breton to come …


  1. If you went to school with Ken Magnus and Randi lalonde, but if you did, they live on Cape Breton and usually like visitors !

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