Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nova Scotia

After exiting PEI via the Confederation bridge, it is only a short drive through New Brunswick to get to the edge of Nova Scotia. Both provinces had information centres only about 2km apart (you think they could share), so I stopped at both to get a map and check out the brochures.  We entered at Amherst, cruised through Springhill, around the end of the bay at Truro, then set the sights along the north coast, Annapolis Valley and the Bay of Fundy.  Near Kingston and the air base at Greenwood, a visit was paid to an old friend ex of Jasper, but it was a weekend and unfortunately, no planes from the base were seen.  From there it was on past Digby, but the weather was not great for photos, so it appears that we took none.

There was a quick visit paid to the tidal generating station at Annapolis Royal, but the tide was just about at it’s maximum, so the plant which only generates power when the tide is going out, was not generating at the time.

The weather changed after a night in Yarmouth, where we drove out to visit the Cape Forchu light station.



The Shelburne Harbour Yacht club provided a safe and quiet haven to park the next night.  From there, it was Keji seaside, Thomas Raddall Provincial Park, a drive around Bridgewater, and Lunenburg.  We managed to find an excellent, private waterfront spot near Deep Cove on Mahone Bay, where Hailey could hunt for voles and I could enjoy an incredible sunset from big rocks on the shoreline.



Coming up … Peggy’s cove


  1. Wonderful aerial pictures Ivan,you are very good with your helicopter . What a beautiful sunset your were treated to.

  2. Got yourself some nice creative stuff there with that Sunset. Aerial shots are nice & crisp. Been to a few of those places you mentioned. Bridgewater - broken clutch cable on my VW Camper Van in 86, Lunenberg - a stranger buys me an early morning coffee, Peggy's Cove - sitting on the rocks, Digby - got off the ferry there on my way to H.M.C.S. Cornwallis boot camp in September 65, Yarmouth - flew out of there to Boston & Miami in December of 65. Looks like you are seeing lots of stuff.......

  3. Looks like an awesome strip now we have to find you someone as well as Hailey to share your trips with. I will work on that lol

  4. Awesome views from your campsite! Wow!