Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Prince Edward Island

But first, some photos of Fundy NP found on the cutting room floor.

The ‘high’ point in the park!


And, some very nice picnic shelters in one of the campgrounds.CIMG8092


Now, on to PEI.

Here’s the lowdown on PEI – as I see it!  Getting on to the island was nice on the new bridge, even though the visibility on an overcast day left a bit to be desired.  It’s a trick though – they charge you a ransom to leave on the same bridge ($44.50).

Alberta has just gone to licence plates with 7 digits, and Ontario and California and a few others have as well.  But PEI is small, so they get by with only two letters and three numbers!P8135553

I visited the main portion of PEI National Park, but it was pretty grey and overcast and was not good for photos, even if it was warm enough for a swim on one of the many ocean beaches it is famous for.  Later, I visited a small isolated portion of the park further north-east up the coast.P8135539P8135540

I hiked a few of the trails, and looked at a few more of the beaches.


And, some more fancy picnic shelters, boardwalks, and viewing towers.


As the circle tour continued, there were more lighthouses, harbours, and lots of little villages piled high with lobster traps.


This was the harbour office, complete with washrooms and showers, the sign said!P8135556P8135557P8135558

They like to mow their grass (understatement)! Every bit of ground that isn’t holding a building or bush is mowed, mowed, mowed. I think the mower dealers must be plentiful there. Yards are mowed immaculately, roadsides are mowed, public land is mowed. Everybody has a riding mower, a push mower, and a trimmer.


They still have government beer stores – and they close early. But they do have signs on the road indicating where they are. When you get into one, they are kind of nice. But if you are used to US beer prices – just quit drinking Winking smile.

Fuel prices: High, but not as high as neighbouring New Brunswick. Apparently fuel prices are controlled by the government, which seems to keep them from the extremes.



Some wildlife–in PEI NP

I went to a Sobeys grocery store and produced my Sobeys card at the checkout.  That created quite a stir.  They had never seen one here, and do not recognize them.  Only in Alberta (Ontario?), I guess?

I found a McDonalds that did not serve Quarter Pounders!

It was a small one attached to a gas station, but still …

I also found gas stations where you can fuel up first and pay later.  None of this foolish zip code stuff like California, lol.

Most of the straight roads in PEI do not run N-S or E-W.  They mostly run on a diagonal, perhaps because that is the general shape of the island?

A first for me; a ‘Scenic Look-off’.  I’m used to view points, or lookouts, but not look offs!

Lots of classic, old, restored tractors to be seen all over.

Got to run.  More later.


  1. A McDonald's with no quarter pounders is just not right.

  2. Bridge wasn't built yet when I was there so chugged over & back on a ferry. I rmember the many little white Churchs all over the place. There's a lot of little white Churches all over the East coast. Pretty sure I remember a McDonald's in Summerside near the Ferry Dock & do remember driving through Charlottetown. Don't recall all the mowed grass though..........