Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beach access for vehicles, ATV's and campers.
Some of the California State Parks trucks at their HQ.

Well that wasn't too bad after all. Only six days in Pismo Beach for a job the folks at Trailer Hitch RV Center estimated would take half an hour. Sure I first arrived close to 5 on Thurdsay but these folks exit the premises like the tsunami siren is wailing.
So, on Friday, I paid for the extra fast shipping that would ensure the parts would be there on Monday - which they were. But I sat around waiting all Monday afternoon, but eventually they just tore it all apart before declaring the that the 'breakers' that I thought should have come with the new unit, were missing and they didn't seem to know what to do - except tell me to come back the next day! So I raced downtown to the Ace Hardware store, bought the right breakers myself an came back to the dealership. They fiddled with it some more, but once again, at not a minute past 5 they were gone and I had no power, or water, or heat, or electricity for the night! Thanks guys! So I had to pull out my own tools and wire up a temporary fix for the night.
Finally in the morning, they finished the job, only charging me three times the original estimate, plus expedited shipping, plus my own breakers, plus 5 nights in Pismo Beach.


Trailer Hitch RV Center

444 S Dolliver St
Pismo Beach, CA 93449
End of complaint

At last we were free to leave Pismo Beach behind and were free to hit the road again! Yahoo. That's enough of being totally surrounded by people, and traffic, and noise.
After dumping the tank, filling the fresh water, having a shower, filling the gas we were eastbound on state route 166. But not before we checked out a few places in Santa Maria, and at last found the padded floor panels we have been looking for since last year's trip. On the way home last year, I bought some and forgot where, and have been trying to find them ever since. Finally, at Harbor Tools, we found them and bought an ample supply. We traveled the same way last year, so I already knew of a good spot to camp on a Forest Service road well off the highway and very quiet.The sign said closed, but we figured that meant the fire lookout and other facilities and we were not deterred.

We pulled in to camp in plenty of time, so pulled out some of the old carpet and gave everything a good cleaning, then set up the satellite dish and watched some TV news from home. And Rick Mercer. And This hour has 22 Minutes. And Red Green. And Whose Line is it? But when the lights were out it was indeed a quiet place, though we were serenaded by a quartet of coyotes for a while, then listened to some rain on the roof to put us to sleep.

In the morning, the weather was a mixed bag, but the road down was surprisingly slick, for what looked like sand and gravel. In 2WD and low gear, I thought the back end was about to pass the front once!Aren't rainbows supposed to have more of an arch to them?
Sometimes it is embarrassing when you get passed on the highway - by a Forklift!

I think these power poles are ringed to protect them from fire - but not sure why the third pole did not rate the same treatment.

My gps started to act up yesterday. I had a good strong signal from 8 satellites, but it would not get a fix. Same thing today. I thought I might have to get a new one, till I went online and found out how to do a 'hard' reset. That cured it, and things are back to normal.
I think we will leave you there as we continue to head inland for the deserts.

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