Saturday, February 2, 2008

There was just a little snow on the ground in Abbotsford in the morning, so that made picking a direction of travel easy - SOUTH. We crossed the border at Huntington, and headed south to Bellingham. A few stops were required to fill the wallet with US cash and hose some of the Canadian dirt off the truck and camper.

That completed, we go on I-5 and headed south. We had planned to go over to Whidbey Island, then take the ferry over to the Olympic peninnsula, but found that the ferry to Port Townsend was not taking any vehicles this week. With our choices narrowed, it as decided that we would take Seattle head-on, right down I-5. At least it was mid-day, on a weekend, and not during rush-hour.
Even so, it was 'sleepless in Seattle' for Harley! See video below.

More of our plans were thwarted. We turned off the interstate at Chehalis, and headed for the coast. A nice state park - Rainbow Falls - looked like it might be a good place to stop for the night. But when we got to the turnoff, there was no road. Or, more correctly, there was no bridge, or road.

The very recent storms and flooding had done a lot of damage in this area, with many roads and bridges washed out, and heavy equipment still working to stabilize land slide areas.

No matter, we pressed on for the coast at Raymond, and found a suitable spot at the boat launch (with wi-fi) just outside South Bend, Wa. At night we were serenaded by gulls and geese and a bunch of herons arrived in the dark to stake out their spots on the shore as the tide came in.

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