Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yesterday we made a short stop to check out the waterfront at Bandon, Oregon. The waves were crashing, the seagulls were tantalizing Harley, and the lighthouse was - lighting.

Gold Beach and Port Orford didn't have any good looking camp spots, but I had a look at the prop from the shipwreck of the Cottoneva in 1937.

We found the same spot as last year to spend the night in a high, quiet pull-off with a great ocean view.Today, we continued on south and crossed over the highest bridge in Oregon - 345 feet! I have been over it many times, but had never had the chance to stop for a look or a photo. So today I did!
I hope this one does not make anyone sick!
Soon after, we went through California 'customs' where they ask if you have any fruit.
And only 11 miles into California is one of the most notorious super-max prisons in the country,

. I recall watching a TV documentary on it not too long ago, then I spotted it on google earth as i was inspecting the route. Some of the worst gang members are kept here.
Pelican Bay State Prison

Going through Crescent City, I saw my first whale of the trip, but I'm not sure it will be a highlight. I saw a group of people on the beach and went to investigate and take some pictures. It appears that this immature sperm whale washed up on the beach late last week and some Marine biologists from Humboldt State University were cutting it up and taking samples, etc.

The rib cage, which was somewhat separate from the rest of the carcass.
I wanted to find out a bit more about it, so I googled a couple of stories on it.
The Daily Triplicate
The Eureka Reporter
It was just a few miles later that I realized I was not going to forget this whale for a while. Just walking around it on the beach had gotten enough on my shoes to choke a horse. We drove with the windows open for a while after that!

We made a brief stop at Patrick's Point to see if it was calm enough to fly my r/c helicopter, but there was a fresh sea breeze happening. Harley got a chance to pose, at least.

Spending tonight in Fortuna, just south of Eureka to check out a new coastal route that might work tomorrow!
Will be scanning it in Google Earth and seeking out some local knowledge of road conditions, etc.

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