Monday, February 11, 2008

Gosh, where have you been? This stuff happened three days ago and you are just getting to see the photos now! Well, I have been busy, and not always with a good internet connection at the right time, OK?
Here is the pics of us approaching the Golden Gate bridge, and crossing for the toll of $5, only payable when traveling south. Not a bad deal when you consider it is only $2.50 each way for a round trip - and the Coquihalla is $20 for a round trip.

Just south of the bridge there are several long tunnels, where highway 1 leads under a golf course! It caused me some trouble last year as I was clearly 'on the road' according to Google Earth, but I was actually in regular city streets. The highway was there all right, but about 100 feet below my tires!

Drove by the San Fran Zoo, and this guy -Deputy Dog? - was on a pole in the sreet.

Then I was telling you about the surf rescue I saw underway in Pacifica - just a bit south of San Fran. A couple shots of the ship circling after it was over, and the one hovering on the far side of the wharf was when the whole deal was still going down.

And, some pics of the wharf when I found a spot to park and walked down. Dang it was cold. The locals had their fur lined sandals on, and their inusulated sunglasses.

Actually, the dust in the distance in this pic is sand blown up when the coast guard landed further down, presumably to off-load a patient?

Carrying on south down the coast, through Half Moon Bay, this was supposed to be a shot of a surfer walking down the sidewalk, but you can see what got in the way.

Then it was two nights on the shore at the lighthouse - the same one where I spent New Years last year - you can check it out in the blog archives.
Here's the link if you can't find it yourselves - it's at the verrrry bottom of the link below!
New Years lighthouse.
Or, for better sunset shots, as requested by M,S, and R, on the first post on this link.
December 30, 2006.

Harley said that if no one laughed, he would let you in on one of his exercise routines - one he calls "Laces". I hope the SPCA does not see this one and come after me.

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