Friday, February 1, 2008

RoadTrip - day ONE, for real this time! Here's the back yard - hot tub and picnic tables almost covered in snow.
At 9:30 in the morning we had all the ducks in a row and we headed west.

There was some trepidation for a few miles as the road conditions and visibility were very poor. We did note that almost all the previous day's wreckage had been removed from the highway. Fortunately, the challenging conditions did not persist and by the west end of Yoho park there was even a bit of blue sky showing through.
Rock cut for new bridge in Golden canyon.

Made a designated stop at Tim Hortons (sorry Walter, didn't have time to call you) in Golden, and carried on west. Rogers Pass was not too bad either, and we set all the clocks back as we entered Glacier Park. Alan wasn't home or answering his cell phone in Revelstoke, so we visited the Tim's there and carried on. (We have to take advantage of this Canadian icon while we still can, as tomorrow we may be in the States and relegated to Starbucks)
Grabbed some gas in Salmon Arm and visited a snowmobile dealer there. I have met the owners twice down in Baja, and sure enough, they are down there again now!
On through Kamloops and then the Coquihalla highway.

Coquihalla toll booths - weather deteriorating.

Conditions crapped out on top and coming down the far side was dicey with ice, snow, slush, and poor visibility all the way past Hope.
We found and visited the 13th annual Early Bird RV Show and sale in Abbotsford, and drooled at some of the classy units they had there. Not surprisingly, they allowed me to camp for the night in the parking lot.

Well, we have reduced our living space to the truck and camper for the next few months, but we have expanded our horizons to any place there are roads, scenery, and the occasional ocean or desert! Oh, and we have gone from -20 to around 0C in the first day!

Surprisingly, gas prices were only a bit higher in BC, but they were less than home in this area! Gas is selling for under a dollar in this area! Not that it is a bargain, but is better than we have seen in a while.
Wildlife of note: A bald eagle was seen near Kamloops and a nice coyote along the first part of the Coquihalla. And a cute cat in the camper. He expressed a few 'opinions' for a while, but I think he realizes that we are headed to warmer places with grass, and mice and bugs and seagulls!

Managed only a weak wi-fi signal here at the airport, so will try this first without photos, then add some if possible.


  1. oh yeah--my third year of enjoying your trip south--I look forward to your adventures.....

  2. Day 1 looks like Santa Fe this morning. No wonder Tony B. is heading south to PV (Mexico). have a great journey...