Thursday, January 21, 2010

After visiting with friends in Surprise, AZ a quick look at the map was in order. Lake Pleasant was just to the north, so I headed up that way. I was not really in the mood to pay day-use fees to visit the regional park, but instead took the Castle Hot Springs road to the north and west.These cows were unimpressed by the ATV's and 4WD's in their primitive pasture.
The road had the obligatory warning at the start. The washboard was a bit rough initially, but is lesser in the midde sections that are less well travelled.
I finally saw my very first Roadfunner of the trip. Don't know where they all have been hiding till now. Beep! Beep!
Several sections of the road follow the bottom of the wash - as is common in these areas.
There were a few ranches and houses along the way, but I never did see any signs of a hot springs. More research required, I guess! Should have had my 'navigator' along!

Spent the night out along the road above Morristown, and once again was serenaded by some coytes from very close range. And to add to the show, there must have been some burros or donkeys singing harmony- from very close range as well. In the dark I never did see either, however.
Then it was out through the western town of Wickenburg, where some of the forecast weather started to move in, creating some neat cloud formations.
It rained a bit overnight. The next day it was back towards Quartzsite, the magnet for all RV's in the winter west!

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  1. Nice cloud formations, but the cactus is very decidedly flipping you the bird... hehe.