Friday, January 22, 2010

On the way on to Quartzsite, I stayed off the Interstate as much as possible, and explored some side roads and backcountry.

At first, I was not sure if this was a cave or not, but upon closer examination it appeared to be the start of a test mine shaft.

Being in the Quartzsite area, I guessed that the miners had been exploring the apparent vein of Quartz in the tunnel. Perhaps it is a long-lost gold mine!Well, what a change in Quartzsite. I had just been here from Christmas to New Years, and at that time it was notably quiet, tho the weather was not bad at all. Now however, the crowds have arrived!
There are quite a number of mineral and RV shows on now, and numerous groups out in the camping areas.
I suspect there were 100 times more rigs out in the desert than three weeks ago. Along the roads, every turnoff is cluttered with signs - directing the various groups to their designated area of the desert.
In the town, where there had been relatively few businesses open, now everything was going full tilt and traffic can be quite congested in some areas.
This camel is a reminder of the history of the area. At one time the military was testing the use of camels in the area. When the experiment was over, the camels were just turned loose. For years, there was camels roaming the area. This might be the only one left?
Other changes were evident! The WEATHER!
I have never been here in the past to see any amount of rain, and certainly had not seen any water in any of the numerous dry washes.
Well, that has all changed. Most of the washes are flooded, and water is across the highway in many places. And the winds, they are a'blowing.
But like most, it is snug and warm and dry inside the truck and camper. A good time to get caught up on reading, etc.

We took a new route into town this morning, and had three police vehicles race past me with lights on. Some kind of emergency no doubt, as they all stopped up ahead in the neighborhood.

You can see one or two of the cars in the photo below - you may have to click on it for a larger view.
One of the more palatial houses to be found in Quartzsite. It was also good timing as I had made an appointment to have my tires rotated on this cool, damp, and breezy day.
Weather forecasts indicate that California coastal areas have been hard hit with some flooding as the storm systems move in from the ocean. We will have to wait and see whether the worst is still yet to come?
Where to next? Look at the map and flip a coin!
See you down the road.


  1. Good update Ivan.... We sure never saw that house in Q???

  2. Good update Ivan.... We sure never saw that house in Q???

  3. Nice post. BTW there are over 130 campsites within 100 miles of Quartsize, AZ. Just in case you need to find a new place to stay due to weather!!! You can seach for them on