Monday, January 18, 2010

Roosevelt lake was in the rear-view mirror as the route took us back through the Apache Trail towards Apache Junction.

It is always interesting to see a road a second time, and from different direction and perspective.
Although this was the route from a week ago, it was still spectacular.
One thing I had missed on the previous trip was the roadside cliff dwellings. There were a number of cars parked at a small bridge in the canyon and I had first thought they were anglers or bird-watchers, but then I spotted the big cave just up a rough,mountain goat trail from the road.

If these dwellings had walls in the past, there was certainly no sign of that remaining, and unfortunately lots of graffiti and garbage,

as this site is not protected like other ones in the Tonto National Forest. The location and view were impressive nevertheless,

and it was easy to imagine being there a few thousand years ago – when I was younger!

Once again I chose a random camp spot well up above the road and Apache lake.

As I wandered around the area, I spotted some writings on a rock – apparently from some other unknown Albertans who had visited the spot just a few days previously. I had to censor some of the writing to preserve the 'G' rating on this blog!

In the area I also spotted a cactus with an unusual twist. It seemed to me that the cactus must have been attempting to grow – following a policy of Parks Canada!

Back on the road, puttering along very slow with the window down and the morning sun shining in, I thought that it is a pretty nice way to see the country close up and personal.

An old watering trough for cattle or wildife - complete with a ramp to enable the escape of small creatures that may fall in when trying to have a drink.

Benchmark along the side of the road.

Heading up into the narrowest section of the road - watch for oncoming traffic!

Here comes one now - luckily it is a small one.

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