Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brrr, it was almost like being at home - seeing this snow around. I suspect there is at least 3 feet on the ground at home by now, so I won't complain.
I headed west from Palmdale on the N2 highway through the Lake Hughes area, through a fairly high area of the Angeles National Forest. The roads were mainly dry, but had been plowed within a day or two.
It was a quiet road, and these friendly horses watched me go past.
There was a private bird hunting reserve, and I saw a line of hunters moving across the field in the valley below.
Still have some good Arizona firewood with me - in case a campfire breaks out somewhere.
Coming off the N2 and descending to join Interstate 5.

There were a lot of cars stopped along the side of the road, as I got down closer to the interstate, and the occupants were just out walking in the woods - looking at the snow!
In Tejon Pass, on the interstate, every available pull-off and side road was like a parking lot!
Click on the photo below, and you will see wall to wall vehicles parked, and people and kids all over the hills, trying to toboggan, build snowmen, and having snowball fights.
Gosh if they want snow, they can come and take it all from my drriveway, yard and lawn at home. It's free, too!
Then the interstate drops way down as it comes out of the mountains.
As soon as I could, I got off the interstate again and headed towards the coast via Cuyama and Santa Maria.
I was a little low on fuel, so I did not go up the Sierra Padre road to my 'normal' camping spot, but I found a perfectly adequate overnight spot on the Cottonwood canyon road.
There was only one distant coyote to keep me company.

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  1. I enjoy your Blog and your pictures. Keep up the good life!