Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I spent a couple days in and around Sierra Vista, visiting both the Park and also the Wildlife refuge on Whitewater Draw.

But I was also able to make contact with several other RV bloggers who I have been following for some time.

First was the Bayfield Bunch who clued me in to the free boondocking available at Whitwater Draw.
They are staying at a ranch nearby, and so I was fortunate to be able to stop in and talk with them one
afternoon as I was heading to the Refuge. We compared notes on equipment, technology, blogs and maps!

Unfortunately, I neglected to take a photo of them, but you can check the photos on their blog!

And in the very same day, just down the road in Bisbee, AZ, I was fortunate to have good timing to encounter Len & Nancy, from the Len's Travels blog.
They were off on an immediate mine tour of the Queen Mine in Bisbee, but we arranged to meet the next morning
at the highly regarded Bisbee Breakfast Club.

So we had a good chat as well, and I did remember to take a photo. They did likewise!

After that a quick tour of Tombstone was in order, and I spent the night on the edge of town. Mornings in Tombstone are fairly quiet, so it was not long before I was on the road north into Benson, on the Interstate.

(Boot Hill cemetery)
I took the time to refill the propane supply and also filled up on groceries while in Benson.

After one false start on the wrong side of the river, I headed north of Pomerene on the San Pedro (river) Road up through Cascabel and Redington, which comes out near San Manuel.

As expected, the central part of the road was gravel, with some quality washboard. I tried the technique of driving so fast that you only hit the tops of the bumps, but even at that I worried about the camper.

It's very pretty country, but the vast majority is fenced, and there are enough 'No Trespassing' signs along the road to rival the record.

Tumbleweed, anyone?

Once on the highway again, I continued northward towards Globe, but was lured off at Mammoth by Copper Creek Road, which leads up to the Ghost Town of that name at:
n32 45 03 W 110 28 35

A few miles up that road there were several nice camp possibilities - with a view back across the San Pedro river at the town of Mammoth,Az.

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