Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's early March, spring is in the air, and all the stars are aligned!

It looks as if I will be able to get back on the road for a while - right away.

I have been back in Lake Louise for a month getting things organized. I had a lot of shovelling to do in the driveway, and to get the snow off the roof of the 5th wheel (below).

But, once that was done, it has hardly snowed at all - for the entire month. But the local ski hill still has more snow than Cypress mountain in Vancouver where they had to pay to fly a lot of very expensive snow to pull off some of the Olympic events. I'm sure we taxpayers will be receiving our bill in the mail for that soon.

On the Monday night following the closing ceremonies in Vancouver on Sunday, there was a steady stream of tour buses on the highway past here - eastbound. I must have counted 50 between Banff and Lake Louise.

In preparation for eventual departure, I had to dig some more snow away from the rig - so I could at least get the wheel blocks removed and check the tire pressures.I ran out the slide on one side to test it, but the snow was too deep on the far side to run that one out. At least the temps were hovering around freezing, so it was not too miserable. And I transferred everything I could think of from the truck camper into the 5th wheel. I wonder what I have missed?
I needed 4WD to get into hitching position, as there are still hummocks of snow and ice on the driveway. But eventually I got it hooked up, and tested the brakes and wiring, and all passed with flying colours.
Then, I went for a drive into the village to test all the systems and to make sure I could still remember how to back up into a campsite, etc. Mount Victoria, at the rear of Lake Louise is in the background in this shot.

I pulled into a couple of campsites that have been cleared of snow.
And, in case you don't believe some of the camping rates in the National Park, here they are.
(Click on photo for full size view)
It is $32.30 for a parking spot with electricity and a picnic table. If you want a fire, that is $8.80 (a night) extra, though wood is supplied. And there are hot showers available.

Though the weather reports look favourable for travel on almost any route (south), I think I will still opt for the west coast variety to ensure I don't get any snowy or stormy surprises in those high passes in Montana and Idaho.
Besides, that way I can keep an eye out for Wandering Willy on his way northbound!

Stay tuned for reports from the road!

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