Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lake Havasu, AZ

They were glad to see me in Lake Havasu, … apparently!

(Click on photo to read the sign on the bus window!)CIMG9954

And, I was glad to be there as well. 

I picked out a good spot at Craggy Wash BLM site, just north of the airport, east of highway 95.  In the past, you could see all the RV’s from the highway, and could tell where to turn off.  But for some reason, they have closed the first mile of the wash to camping, and other than the possible camp host site, none are visible from the highway, and there is no sign – until after you have turned off the highway.  Notwithstanding, there is no change to the rest of the camping selections, so I picked out one of my ‘usual’ spots about 2.5 miles from the highway.CIMG9943

Lots of room, good views, and only distant neighbours.   If you strain your eyes, you can catch glimpses of the lake down below, but I would not consider it a ‘lake view’ area at all.CIMG9945

I have spent a few days here now, mostly catching up on minor modifications to the solar system, and installing the little things in a new rig that they don’t install in the factory.


On the weekend, down at the ‘channel’ by the London Bridge, spring break action was going strong, with more fancy boats and teeny bikinis than you could imagine!  But other than that area, it was fairly quiet all about. 

A huge National Wildlife Refuge runs for miles along the shore of the lake, and they have provided a number of facilities for short hikes, bird watching, and fishing.


There are some very expensive looking  all aluminum fishing docks constructed in several areas – some wheelchair accessible.  There are fishing pole holders every few feet along this dock.  And there are some interesting underwater structures that look like giant underwater flowers all around.  I think they must be designed to provide shade or cover to the fish, as they are all obviously man-made.  This photo was taken from one end of a giant ‘T’ out in deep water.  The shore access is via the ramp on the left.  One area is shaded by a section of roof, and it even has solar powered lights!


A fair number of waterfowl were evident, and I even saw a couple of turtles sunning themselves across the small bay.  Some of these bays are also off limit to boats and personal watercraft, to provide a refuge from some of the big boats out on the open water. CIMG9949

There is another fishing dock at the end of this trail – which is evidently not wheelchair accessible.


  And the cactus were blooming along the trail!CIMG9950 CIMG9951 CIMG9952 CIMG9953

Still waiting, and waiting, for the shipment of my new satellite internet rig …


  1. Thanks for the cactus pictures and the update....good to hear you have solar on that rig.

  2. Thanks for the cactus pictures and the update....good to hear you have solar on that rig.