Monday, March 29, 2010

Well, I don't know what is going on today?#$&^ I think now that the Bayfield Bunch is at home, the gremlins have come my way!!

Tried to publish this post several times with Live Writer and the photos do not come through. Then tried it several times with Blogger online - for some reason, they will not come through?

Also mysteriously missing a photo that belongs in the header, and nothing was changed there.

I'll leave this post up as mybe blogger is having a photo-hiccup, but it certainly will not work for me today.

Thanks Renee, for the excellent idea on the runoff channels in Bullhead City. You are probably correct. Would be neat to see those channels full of water!

Before leaving the area completely, I checked out the Katherine Landing area again. Camping here is only $10.CIMG0058

Then it was the long haul up to Union Pass at 3622’, up from 647’ at Lake Mojave.


The big diesel handled it well, though the transmission temperature rose like the elevation.


Moving down the far side towards Highway 93 and Kingman, the overhead sign warned of traffic delays at Hoover Dam – reason, Spring Break.


Drove up and up again out of Kingman on the Hualapai Mtn road before finding a short National Forest road with a view to camp on.


Definitely cooler here at the upper elevations and there was snow on the slopes only about 1500’ above me. But the forecast is for temps in the mid 80’sF in the low elevation locations. CIMG0065

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  1. Yes, we've had a few Live Writer problems from time to time but I think one of the main culprits when things go bump in the night is the speed of the connection. Slow internet speeds can cause problems that Live Writer can be blamed for. Now that we are back to our usual high speed internet the posts usually publish in well less than a minute. I was into 2 hour publishing times in the southwest many times & that's when things would sometimes get a little goofy.