Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday morning, everything was in order and I was able to hit the road by 10 - which was not too bad. Stopped in Golden to check to make sure nothing was dragging or missing, and grabbed a 'double-double' at Tim's since Walter was busy!

The big GMC was passing cars like they were standing still up Roger's Pass, which was only damp on the upside. I think I was lucky to make it rhrough without stopping as I saw the gun crews out to shoot avalanches and one snow shed had one-way traffic for some cleanup. Easy to forget there is a 5th wheel behind you with this truck!

Going down the pass was all wet from melting snow, so it was a bit dirty, but no rocks in the windshield, so not complaining.

Got some fuel in Salmon Arm and carried on west non-stop through Kamloops and the Coquihalla - which was pleasantly dry and 2C on top.

I crossed the dreaded border south of Abottsford, but did not have an overzealous tyrant this time and all went smoothly.
Things were going well, and I bought my first tank of cheaper fuel in Lynden, just south of the border.
Since I knew that Wandering Willy was holed up somewhere at a casino a bit further south, I passed on the Walmart in Bellingham and hit I-5.

Sure enough, I found his rig parked among the other RV's there, and parked right beside him. I knew it was late, so I left him a note and sent him an e-mail to wake me up for coffee before he headed on his last short leg home in the morning.

He did so in the morning, and we had a good chat discussing those things that RV'ers talk about. Batteries, internet, boondcking places, etc.
I sent him on his way north, and left the casino camping area and headed south.
Pulled off somewhere near Chehalis to have a bite to eat and to confuse my GPS navigator. Got to keep 'her' from falling asleep!
And I took advantage of the lack of freezing temperatures to fill up the fresh water tank at a rest stop along the interstate.
Totally impressed to be still getting over 20mpg (Imp) towing this big rig.
I guess I managed to hit the start of rush hour in Portland, but it was not too bad as I turned off and pointed the GM toward the coast.
Once again, the Evergreen Air and Space Museum has provided a nice quiet parking lot to relax for the night.

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