Monday, March 22, 2010

Kelso Sand Dunes

Still getting caught up from when I was at Kelso dunes in Mojave National Preserve.

Went for a hike through the sand dunes  one day, and was amazed by the quantity and variety of  tracks and trails left in the sand from the mostly night time residents.

CIMG9936 CIMG9910

You should be able to get a better view by clicking on each photo for a full size view.

CIMG9911 CIMG9912CIMG9913

Heading up towards the sand mountain peak.

 CIMG9914 CIMG9915

Looking back towards the camp spot.CIMG9919

Small forests of vegetation act as snow fences.CIMG9920CIMG9917   CIMG9921 CIMG9922

Lower part of the ‘summit ridge’.

CIMG9923 CIMG9924

Some little critters had walked all the way up the dune to cross over to the other side.

CIMG9925 CIMG9927 CIMG9928

My tracks up the summit ridge.


I could see for miles from the top.  I could see traffic on the Interstate about 50-60km to the north.CIMG9930 CIMG9931 CIMG9932 CIMG9933

One of the track makers, now deceased of unknown causes.  I think it is a kangaroo rat.

And another fringe toed lizard finding some shade.CIMG9934 CIMG9935

Next – heading for Lake Havasu.


  1. I enjoyed the pictures, especially the tracks.

  2. Amazing isn't it....what lives on our planet...just have to have the eyes to "see". Thanks for "seeing" and sharing it with us.

  3. The sandy desert of Kelso dunes is astonishing places to see.The species are weird and the place is a wonder to see.