Tuesday, March 9, 2010

US Dollar coins!

For Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch, I took a photo of some coins for comparison.  I don’t think you would confuse the dollar with the quarter because it is a bit larger, and gold in colour.  It is however, pretty much identical in size and appearance to the Loonie.

From the left: the US dollar coin, two US quarters, two loonies and a Canadian quarter, and on the right, two toonies!CIMG9819This is my first attempt at posting with Live Writer.  Let’s see how it works out?


Nice oceanview campsite from last nite on the California coast. CIMG9812


  1. Glad you got around to Live Writer.Easy HUH!or is that easy eh!

  2. where is that boondocking site Ivan? I should start a list...in case we ever get up that way..