Monday, April 19, 2010

Angel's Landing - Zion NP

Yesterday was a busy day, hiking and touring Zion in morning, doing
some 4x4 exploration in the afternoon, and hard at work around the
campfire in the evening; no time for blogging!
Same thing today, but found just a whisker of cell service only by
standing on summit of Angel's Landing!


  1. Been to Zion a couple times but never made it to Angel's Landing. We were there two winters ago but a twisted knee knocked me out of action & we moved on down to the Grand Canyon's north rim for some driving tours to let the knee heal & never went back to Zion. Great place especially with the river running through it.

  2. I spent 2 weeks in Zion, backpacking, when I was in college. If you have time, take the Kolob road up to Kolob Reservoir - you'll go through some of the best scenery Zion has to offer, and I bet there's still snow up there at the top. I wish I were where you are now - Zion's one of my most favorite parks in the country.