Monday, April 5, 2010

Laughlin area

Have been hanging out in the Laughlin area the last few days.  Decided to keep to the cheap route and ‘camp’ at the Riverside Hotel and Casino.  Got a spot along the edge by the boat launch with a bit of green grass.


It certainly was not the quietest of places, but I managed to sleep without earplugs at least once.  That’s my rig in the center of the photo.


The first evening was spent with my friends from home walking along the casino row, till finding a good happy hour and some appetizers before retiring to my ‘boat launch estate’ to sit outside and enjoy a warm evening and a cool beverage.

Reflection of palm trees in my slide-out window.


Next day it was laundry and picking up a few needed supplies for me, then over to their campsite at Davis for a good supper of stuffed peppers and corn on the cob!

Nice camera ‘nest’ on a pole overlooking the fish cleaning tables!


The following day, Don and I went for a drive north to check out Cottonwood Cove on Lake Mohave, while Donna stayed behind to catch up on some ‘homework’ she had.

We looked at some nice boats – on lifts.

CIMG0136And lots of houseboats.


Some even had satellite dishes!


And a marina maintenance boat.


And I think I drooled on the nice Park Ranger patrol boat.  It had twin 250’s on the back!


In the Cottonwood area, a little desert driving found a lot of flowers in bloom.


Meanwhile, (well later, actually) as I was preparing to depart the confines of my paved parking spot next to the boat launch, I began to wonder if my next cat had picked me out!  CIMG0158I had seen a bunch of young cats playing in the area on occasion over the previous days and wondered if they were strays.  Well this one started out shy, but pretty soon was sitting on my lap purring.  CIMG0159

There were no houses in the area where the cats could have originated, but I certainly did not want to make off with a cat that belonged to someone.  Luckily, a few inquiries led me to a rather permanent looking RV parked in the corner that was the home of the cats. 


I chatted with the owners and they did have some kittens they would not mind having parted with to a good home, but this one – Toby – was one of their favourites.  O well, good thing I did not kidnap her.   


Thwarted in that attempt, I then tried to lure some ducks into the rig, but that failed too, so after giving a boost to a new neighbour from Idaho to start his truck with a dead battery, I once again headed for the dark, silent hills where I am now!CIMG0164 Oh, and in case you were wondering, I did not feel the earthquake, tho it did apparently make some of the tall hotels here sway for a while.  I only heard and read about it later.


  1. When Kelly & I met we each had a cat & when we moved to the old farm house we had lots of barn cats that we looked after. Our dog Max grew up playing with all the cats. Lots of fun stories......& some sad one's too.

  2. I understand your drooling over that Park Ranger patrol boat but I bet you are happy that you don't have to put the gas into those powerful engines!! I'm not surprised you liked that kitty, it is really cute.