Friday, April 9, 2010


I have been considering updating the look of the blog for some time now. As I was just starting to look around at other templates, I clicked on 'save template' to ensure I had the old version secure in case I wanted to go back. Much to my surprise, one of the template boxes was checked, and we were off on a new template mission, whether we liked it or not. So please bear with me. This will not be the final version, and it will take some reflection and tweaking to get to a version that I (and hopefully you) will like.


For the last few days, I’ve thought it was likely that I would pull up stakes (literally, as they are holding the tripod down) and move to somewhere else. But since the wind died down, it has been so darn pleasant here that not even the truck has moved an inch. I did wash it a bit and open the doors to let the heat dissipate during the heat of the day, but that’s about it. I also managed to get to a few of the small jobs that are not easy to do during a hurricane.


Part of the problem was that I could not find some of the screws and other parts that I needed to do the work. I knew they were here somewhere, but be danged if I could find where I had put them. I had not gone to the lengths of Al (Bayfield Bunch), and labelled compartments, but I was sure I had emptied all umpteen of them several times in the fruitless search.


Finally, today they revealed themselves, cleverly disguised in an empty coffee can!

And I also have been able to really take in and enjoy the incredible scenery in every direction, preferably through binoculars.

And that is what I was doing today during Happy Hour. Sitting in the shade, sipping a cold one, and taking in the sights near and far.

It was one of the ‘near’ sights that caught my eye. The largest lizard I have encountered down here was also enjoying the sun and scenery from an outcrop about 75m away. I figured that with all the heat, he would be very alert and mobile, and a difficult stalk.


So I started to take photos from a long ways away in case that was the only chance I would get. But I have had good success in sneaking up on these guys – by moving slowly and deliberately. CIMG0205

Slowly, I moved closer …


And closer

CIMG0210 CIMG0212

Pretty soon I was able to get so close that I need the macro function on the camera!


And much to my surprise, I was able to get close enough that I thought I might lose focus, even on macro! He/she was fully aware of me all the time, but was enjoying the last of the sun as I was.


Back at the rig, a quick search convinced me that this was a Chuckwallas, most likely a Common Chuckwalla (Sauromalus ater).CIMG0216

But, if you don’t believe me, go look here, or here, and see what you think.

Click on any of Chucky’s photos for a closer look.CIMG0217

Here is the outcrop that Chucky called home

CIMG0219 CIMG0220

It’s just above the wash.

CIMG0222 CIMG0223

And about that far from my temporary residence.


On the way back I checked out a couple of benchmarks on the hilltop.

CIMG0225 CIMG0226 image

Perhaps tomorrow I will pull up stakes and move on?

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