Saturday, April 17, 2010

What a lifestyle, I tell ya!

Here I was sitting with my view of Lake Mead and enjoying the morning sunshine, when I decided all of a sudden. Time to go.

In less than an hour from that thought, I was rolling down the road again with two satellite dishes, two slides, a solar panel, a generator and gear all stored and ready for the road.

But in spite of that sudden departure, don’t think for a minute that I was in a hurry! I still had lots of time to stop and smell the roses (well, flowers) as I made my way back to the pavement.

CIMG0444 CIMG0446 image CIMG0447 CIMG0448 CIMG0450 CIMG0452 Soon, I was on I-15 headed north, through Mesquite, and into Arizona briefly and the Virgin River Gorge.

CIMG0453 CIMG0454 Midway through the gorge, at exit 18 is a nice little recreation area and campground called Virgin River Canyon. I took a drive through and it would be a great place to stop. There is a $2 day use fee, and camping is only $8. All the sites have great views, though some are a bit close together. But for that price and that view, it’s definitely a good deal.CIMG0455 CIMG0456 CIMG0458 But it was early, so I carried on into Utah. There is also random boondocking available at the Black Rock exit, just on the north side of the gorge.CIMG0459 CIMG0460

Coming into St George, Utah.

I turned off the Interstate just north of St George onto highway 9 and ran into a hurricane. Well, at least a town of that name. I topped up the fuel again, knowing there could be some isolated travel in the days to come. From Hurricane, through Virgin, and I almost missed the turnoff into the Mosquito Cove BLM site on the right side on the banks of the Virgin river. Quickly found and occupied a spot right on the river, and set up all the toys, just in time for happy hour sitting by the gurgling stream. I’m sure the window will be open tonight to make sure the creek drowns out any possible traffic noise.CIMG0462 CIMG0464 Had a nice chat with the patrolling BLM ranger as he came through to check things out, and got the inside scoop on a few things.

Part of my plan the next few days is to visit some National Parks, because, it is National Parks Week, and


“the National Park Service is waiving entrance fees, so visitors can enjoy all 392 national parks for free April 17-25.”

I think we do this in Canada for like, one day!

But I doubt that Zion will also waive the fee to drive through the tunnel with an oversized vehicle? But I can always ask tomorrow when I head that way!

Did you notice that they have TREES here. Some 30-40’ high! I haven’t seen real trees for weeks I don’t think. I love the open desert, but the trees are a nice change.

CIMG0467 CIMG0469 That’s the beauty of this lifestyle. If you don’t like where you are or need a change, you can do so in very short order.

CIMG0470On to Zion tomorrow!

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