Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Angel’s Landing Hike – Zion NP

I started out fairly early on the trail, being chased by two tracked monsters.


No, it was not an new species of wildlife, but the Zion trail crew heading up the trail for a day of sidewalk construction.


This trail starts out wide and flat, and although it gets very steep in a few spots, it is still basically a sidewalk.  And it is pretty amazing just how high on the mountain this sidewalk goes and some of the terrain it traverses.CIMG0637CIMG0596 Pretty soon it is cut into, and hanging on the edge of the cliff, but still wide and smooth.  Steep areas have rough surfaces for traction, and all the water bars, etc are built right into the concrete.CIMG0597 The trail finally goes back through the ‘refrigerator’ section along a small creek in a deep slot, climbs Walter’s Wiggles, and emerges at a col where there are outhouses and room to look around and relax.  From there, the trail gets interesting, and many turn back when they first see the posts and chains along the next section.  No sidewalk here.  It is all natural sloping rock here, but many steps have been carved out of the sandstone.CIMG0601 CIMG0602

The trail follows that narrow ridge ahead.

 CIMG0605 Some places there are chains.CIMG0606

Some places, there are not.

CIMG0609 Then it gets steep.

CIMG0610 Looking back at the ridge we have just traversed.

CIMG0611 And finally, the summit ridge, which is somewhat gentler.

CIMG0612 Looking down at the road far below.


And the surrounding mountains in all directions.CIMG0619 Bus stop and parking lot.

CIMG0623 CIMG0630 CIMG0631 CIMG0633 This is the narrow spot.  The terrain drops off about 1000’ on either side.  Just you and the side wind here!

CIMG0634 Walter’s Wiggles, the famous set of switchbacks leading from the refrigerator to the col.CIMG0635   Once back down to the road, I took advantage of the bike racks on the shuttle buses and caught a ride up to the ‘Temple of Sinawava’ and took the leisurely ride down the valley.  Other than the tour buses (one every 10 minutes), and a few other cyclists, this is a remarkably quiet way to see a very busy section of the park.CIMG0642

While in the valley bottom, I also stopped in to visit Mike, one of the campground hosts, and fellow blogger (LightCurve on the Road) and Datastorm user.

Here is his official US government transportation.CIMG0649I had some video to include, but Live Writer refuses to deal with it, so you will have to do without for now!


  1. Well, that trail is not for the faint of heart that's for sure. I'm a little surprised the ordinary public is allowed up there. I remember hearing about deaths up there. Don't think we knew about the shuttle buses but maybe November was too late in the season. First time there back in 93 was in May so might have been too early. Quite a climb by the looks of it.....

  2. WOW that is a scary trail. Don't think I want to be on it. I enjoyed the pictures very much. We never made it to that park.

  3. Absolutely terrific shots of one of my very favorite hikes! I especially like the one of your feet. Why didn't I think of that? Darn it... Now I'm going to have to go back...