Friday, April 23, 2010

Bryce Canyon


Bryce Canyon.


Brrr, what can I say?

I came south for some warmth and sun, not snow and cold.CIMG0676

From taking my sandals off when driving to keep my feet cool – to warming my hands on the visitor center hand dryers!

From driving with all the windows down, to windows up, heater and defroster on – all in a days drive.

But Bryce Canyon is at high elevation, and it is just starting to look like spring here.

The highest viewpoint is over 9000’ high.CIMG0677 CIMG0678

It is obviously a very, very beautiful area with stunning natural scenery.

But the sun was hardly shining this day, it was cold and there was a wind blowing.  Not a day to stand on the rim contemplating beauty.CIMG0679 CIMG0680

I stopped briefly at most of the viewpoints because I was there, but I’m sure I would enjoy it more in July perhaps?CIMG0681 CIMG0682

I poked into the campground, but the sites I saw were rather small, uneven, and the road was full of potholes – just like our campgrounds back home.



I did not give any consideration to staying the night, as just keeping the water from freezing would have been a challenge.  It did not get close to the melting point all day.CIMG0684 CIMG0685

Hiking was possible, but all the trails were snow covered and slippery leading down into the canyon.  Ones at some of the viewpoints were just muddy.  I think they could take a page out of Zion’s book for maintaining their high use trails.CIMG0687 CIMG0688 CIMG0689

I was just glad that I had not paid the $25 entry fee (Parks Week), or I would have left feeling ripped off.   As it was, I just left.CIMG0690 CIMG0691

Certainly I don’t mean to diminish the beauty of the place, or the fine people who run it, but for me, this time of year and the weather didn’t make me want to linger.CIMG0692 CIMG0693 CIMG0694 CIMG0695 CIMG0696 CIMG0697


  1. It's too bad you went this time of the year because the park is so very scenic. We have visited in good weather and I liked it better than even the Grand Canyon. Hope you get warmed up ☺

  2. Too bad about the weather because you truly missed a nice place. Hope you can make it back there someday & hike the winding magical trails in & around the hoodoos to the bottom. I agree with Vera about liking it better than the Grand Canyon as well. Zion & Bryce are two very special places.