Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Valley of Fire State park

Valley of Fire State Park


(from their website)

“Valley of Fire State Park is located only six miles from Lake Mead and 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas via Interstate 15 and on exit 75. Valley of Fire is Nevada's oldest and largest state park, dedicated 1935. The valley derives its name from the red sandstone formations and the stark beauty of the Mojave Desert. Ancient trees and early man are represented throughout the park by areas of petrified wood and 3,000 year-old Indian petroglyph. Popular activities include camping, hiking, picnicking and photography. The park offers a full-scale visitor center with extensive interpretive displays. Several group use areas are also available. The park is open all year. “

The scenery is spectacular, it speaks for itself.

My camera was going crazy.  There are photos to be taken in all directions, all the time.  And it all changes minute by minute as the sun moves and changes the light.CIMG0358


Parking is only allowed at certain areas along the park roads.  I guess this car couldn’t read the sign right in front! CIMG0297

I tried to be legal, and parked in the middle of the road!CIMG0295 

There are caves, canyons and caverns.

CIMG0313 CIMG0314 CIMG0315 CIMG0319 CIMG0321 CIMG0322 CIMG0325 CIMG0329 CIMG0330 CIMG0331 CIMG0334 CIMG0337 CIMG0338

There are flowers.

 CIMG0342 CIMG0343 CIMG0344 CIMG0345 CIMG0347 CIMG0348 CIMG0349

There are petroglyphs and petrified wood.

Here are some of the former.CIMG0350 CIMG0353

CIMG0273I also drove out to Overton, to pick up a new card for my camera, and to ask for a donation from the ATM.  I was successful on both counts.

At the edge of town is a free campground, courtesy Nevada Dept of Wildlife, and ‘Overton Rest and Trails’.


There is also free, dispersed camping on BLM land on the mesa just south of the town.


I drove down to check out Overton Beach.  Here’s the absolutely humongous boat launch.  And not a drop of water in sight!


The campground is closed, as is most everything else there.  I presume that some of these facilities can be re-activated if and when the water levels ever rise enough to cover this area again.CIMG0280

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  1. Sure looks & sounds like a totally super great place. Sure hope we can get there & spend some time absorbing the atmosphere soon. Great pics.