Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Had a laid back, easy day today! With the forecasts in Cabo not much better than here, there did not seem to be much reason to move. Especially because we have this prime beachfront location with satellite reception and internet all day long. And think of all the money we saved on gas! Pulled the bike out of the back seat and went for a tour of the area. Found an old oceanside trail that led down to another beach where I spent a night, just a little to the north. And no flat tires - yet. Came back and joined Harley on the beach for a bit of lunch, then it was time to go scramble up the mountain behind camp. Got up high enough for a good overview, a few pictures, just in time for the sunset. During the day watched the gulls show how they can efficiently open clam shells. They fly up high above the road or a rocky beach and drop the shell. After about three tries, they have a fresh meal of clam.
Went down to the local beach restaurant and met the owner - from Idaho - for happy hour. We agreed that it was cold, but that it was all relative. We only have to wear warm sandals to get by. No shoveling, sliding, or freezing here.

Click on a pic for a larger view. Hint: camper is just to the left of the cactus. Don't forget to check out some of the advertisers on this page - they pay me if you do! Comments or e-mails welcome, but you guys back at work have discovered that I moderate what comments get posted!!

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