Friday, January 5, 2007

Wednesday I left my quiet camping spot and followed some narrow winding roads through the Los Padres National Forest, up to an elevation of 4100', where I was not impressed to see a tiny bit of snow hiding in the shady areas. But it was very scenic and we soon made it down and came out at Santa Paula.

Picked up I-5 again to the east and hoped to avoid all of LA, but soon came to the city limits where the sign announced the county population of 9,935,475! Veered east again and went through Pasadena, past the Rose Bowl, San Bernardino, and a lot of miles of almost stopped 4 lane traffic. Finally got moving again not far from Palm Springs and then arrived at a friend's winter place in Desert Hot Springs.

Early the next day, we made a very long drive to Tucson, Arizona via I-10, to pick up a new quad, then returned via I-8 and made a brief stop in Yuma to look for my cousins.

Will be spending a few more days around this area, getting ready for the next leg of the trip.

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