Monday, January 22, 2007

Wow, new readers from Prague Czech republic!
I didn't make it far, yesterday! Just left the camping area on the beach early in the morning and came across a whole bunch of raptors, sitting on their cactuses, having their breakfast of small birds and fish. Then I got back to a little bay just beside the ferry terminal and discovered this very nice little white-sand beach. And high speed internet as a bonus. So Harley and I set ourselves up on the beach and caught some rays and watched the scenery, the sailboats, the ferries, and the Mexican families on the beach for a Sunday afternoon.

Harley, of course, was a big hit with the little girls, the big girls (!), as well as the old ladies and gents. One thing led to another (also Googled the location of the nearest propane, and determined that it was not open on Sundays anyway), so I gave up my plans of getting anywhere, and concentrated on the sunset. And you thought you had it bad.

Since I was so close, I just ambled back to the previous night's camp and set up in the same spot.

You have to really watch for those 'safety boulders' in the dark, let me tell you.

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