Wednesday, January 3, 2007

So, I think my last post was New Year's day? So what has happened since then? I extended my maximum wi-fi range to 1.34km! I think that is about 4/5 of a mile for you US readers.

Also realized that within sight of my NY's camp is Ano Nuevo, an offshore island and park that is a wildlife reserve for seals and sea lions and the like.

We cruised on south past Monterrey Bay, Santa Cruz, Capitola, and Carmel without stopping, and got back out to the coast proper. Because of the holiday, all the parking lots were full and there were Californians everywhere. Not all of them had scarves! But some did.

Was disappointed to find not one, but two campers in 'my' campspot on Nacimiento road, but just moved a little further up the road to a higher ocean view. Almost had distant wi-fi, but not quite. Full moon and stars won out over satellite TV. Woke up to sunrise over the ocean and nearby ridges without even having to raise my head off the pillow! Now that's livin' right.

Headed on south through the San Simeon area - you know, the Hearst Castle and all. Lots of lounging sea mammals filling up the parking lots in this area.

Chatted with folks on the home front - and checked my web cam at home - and found out that it is snowing like crazy, and the Trans Canada highway is closed all over because of avalanche hazard - but I guess the skiing is good! Glad to be down here where I can wear running shoes - T-shirt, and worry more about grass stains than frostbite.

Got caught up on a few things in Pismo Beach. Groceries, propane, food, gas, filled water, dumped tank, and finally found a car wash. Hadn't really spotted a decent one all the way down, though the vast majority of the crud and grime from Roger's Pass and the Cocquihalla had long ago washed off from all the rain in Washington and Oregon. Even this one was not quite high enough to get the camper right in, so I had to do a front wash, then a rear wash. Eight quarters to start, c'mon US, get with a dollar coin already.

The 'very easy to look at - hard not to stare' blonde young clerk at the grocery store was debating asking me for ID for the beer I bought - and telling me about when she had her first beer! Then she volunteered the wierd situation in some US states where the kids can go off to war, kill people and get killed, long before it is legal for them to even have a beer. She said it, I just nodded. She was just going off shift, but I gave her the slip and Harley and I skipped town.

We avoided Santa Maria (where the Radio Shack store sucks big time), and I think Michael Jackson went to court (?), and headed east on the 166. At dusk we found a nice high-up scenic little forestry road to camp on, complete with a coyote choir serenading us. Harley took me for a little hike up and down the road while the stars came out and the moon shone bright.

Not going to divulge the exact location of my camp to avoid those other Leafs fans with cats that kept showing up! Not! Just try posting more of that type of comments again - you guys back at work - in the cold, and snow, with the 2WD's. How's the battle over my truck? Hope ya don't get frostbite - much!

Special thanks to Andrea and John who are keeping an eye on my 'other' house and reading the gas meter for me!
And of course those checking the 'network' and hot tub at the 'Lake'.

Wow, long post. That's what you get with no TV or internet!

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