Monday, January 15, 2007

I'd like to welcome the new readers from the U.K., Florida, Portugal, Illinois, Pennsylvania, France, and ... Moose Jaw!

I have once again moved further south in Baja. It just doesn't get much better than this. Well, except for the weather - which seems to reflect what most of the rest of North America is experiencing.
Not -40 like West Yellowstone, or storm warnings in Houston, but it is cool and breezy nevertheless.
I have arrived at Bahia Concepcion, still on the gulf coast. I am camped about 20 feet from the high tide line in this sheltered bay. Remarkably, my satellite dish is still working even though it has lost most of it's channels this far south.
I got to watch the Calgary news and weather (brrr). And I have wi-fi internet, and have set a new record for distance! Measuring on Google Earth shows the distance as 2.02Km, but I have to believe the GPS which insists it is only 1.92kms!
That's 1.25 miles for you US folks. It is NOT a great signal, but that is not a factor of the distance (the signal is strong), it is because it is a satellite connection that must be having some difficulty because of the wind?
When I was within 30m of the source, it was still fickle. Nevertheless, here I sit, listening to Country 105 FM radio from Calgary!

Harley introduced himself to some nice neighbors from the States, and their three dogs. They were inquiring about the weather, so I pulled up the weather report from Loreto, just to the south, and printed it off for them.
It's amazing to have this technology - out here on a secluded beach.

Camping fees are 70 Pesos, or about $7. so we won't be going broke any time soon. There is also a restaurant (and bar) in this campground -just down the beach.

Bought some groceries and re-loaded with cash in Santa Rosalia this morning before heading out. In the first grocery store there was no milk (other than powdered), and actually nothing refrigerated, and not even any cooking oil that was on my list.
Ended by buying a -- can of corn (!) and a bag of chips! In hind sight, it must have been a kind of bulk food store?
Just down the street, I found another store that had everything I needed, sort of. After I got back to Harley in the camper tho, I checked the bill and found that I had been (mistakenly?) billed twice for one $5 item.
So I trotted right back and pointed it out to them, and I used the refund to buy 3 yogurts - that unfortunately turned out to be sour cream!! Guess the joke was on me, either way.

Topped off the fuel tank going through Mulege, but the attendant told me they were out of regular gas and only had premium. I smelled a rat, but waited until I saw a local car fill up with premium - thinking it must be true!

Might just try to post this without any photos as I suspect the connection is not up to the strain of photos at present.
Here's a link to a aerial view of the Baja bay where we are now. You can zoom in and out on the photo, but I guess the 'map' option is not available on Mexican terrain.,-111.882756&spn=0.147602,0.832901&t=k&om=1&iwloc=addr

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